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Questions for all Applicants

What is a certified copy?

All official documents (including proof of language skills) must be submitted in the form of officially certified copies, i.e. certification by the issuing institution, the German embassy, or a notary). If the original language is neither German nor English, sworn translations must also be submitted.

Applicants from the People's Republic of China, Mongolia, and Vietnam must enclose the original certificate as issued by the academic evaluation center (Akademische Prüfstelle (APS)) at the German embassy in Beijing (German only  Deutsche Flagge), Ulan Bator (German only  Deutsche Flagge) or Hanoi (German only  Deutsche Flagge).

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Is there an early bird registration?

International applicants may send their application documents at earliest beginning April 1st. The application deadline for international bachelor's and master's applicants is July 15th.

Application intake for German degree holders begins in May and ends in September.

Please be patient while waiting for your admission. Constant emails and calls requesting admission letters slow the processing of application documents, which can cause problems with the visa application process. We appreciate your understanding.

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How do I receive information about admission?

About 6- 8 weeks after the application deadline, an admission notice will be issued and dispatched via the regular postal service, as well as a scanned copy via email. We would like to ask our applicants for patience and consideration of the speed of regional mailing services. Additionally, please be informed that uni-assist is not in charge of admission or admissions letters.

Check your email account daily (including the spam folder) to make sure that you will receive the admission information in time!

Please take special care when providing your correspondence address on the study application form. Unless we have been otherwise informed, the admission notices shall be sent exclusively to that correspondence address.

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How do I apply for the study program?

International degree holders must send their application documents to uni-assist as a rule. This also applies to German applicants who have completed an international university entrance exam (including IB, A-Levels,...).

Uni-assist is responsible for reviewing the application documents and verifying the official requirements. For this pre-screening service, a fee is required. Please be informed that your application will not be processed until the fee is received. Following, uni-assist passes the applications onto the Otto-von-Guericke University which will then send admission letters (via postal service and email) to successful applicants.

Further details: and

German degree holders must apply directly at the university (online).

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I have applied via uni-assist. Was my application forwarded to your university?

You can check the status of your application on your personal uni-assist account. Along with the application registration's confirmation of receipt, students receive an application reference number from uni-assist which can be used to track your application.

If all documents meet the university's requirements, the application will be forwarded. Thereafter, the final decision regarding admission will be made by the university.

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Am I required to send my application documents to uni-assist via the postal service?

Please apply online, upload the documents to your personal uni-assist account, and also send the application documents via the postal service to uni-assist. Payment of uni-assist's processing fee must also be completed before the deadline.

Postal Address:
Otto-von-Guericke Universität Magdeburg
c/o uni-assist e.V.        
11507 Berlin, Germany

Important Notice:
The application package must be completed by the announced deadline. In case of a single missing document or incorrect format (not certified, without translation, ect.), the entire application will be dismissed.

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Are there any tuition fees or study expenses?

The German education system aims to ensure equal opportunities and, therefore, tuition fees are subsidized by the German government for both German and international students. Please be aware, however, that in order to receive an international student visa, you must prove that you are able to pay for living expenses.

To apply for a visa, you need:

  • admission letter from the university and
  • proof of sufficient funds for financing of your living expenses for one year (approx. 8000 €/year to prove).

The study program application process may take 3- 12 weeks. Therefore, we recommend that you to submit your application to the German embassy in your home country as early as possible.

Fees for International Students:

  • Uni-assist application fee: 75 € (first choice) plus 15€ (for any further university)
  • Visa: approx. 8000€/year
  • Health insurance
  • University semester fee for all students: approx 100, €
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Are there any scholarships available?

We regret to inform you that there are no scholarships offered by the university since there are no tuition fees.

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Are there any German language requirements for international students?

German skills (level B1 = 400h of German studies prior to your application) are required only for the Study Colleg/Studienkolleg in case your university entrance diploma is not equal to the German extrance exam (Abitur).

Although there is no German language requirement for our study program, some German language skills will be extremely helpful during your stay in Magdeburg. We reccomend a minimum level of A2/ B1.

Additionally, bachelor's students can learn German as part of their degree curriculum (second foreign language studies).

For further information see:

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How do I receive a student ID/ enrollment at the University?

Registration must be accomplished in person during the time period specified in the study admission letter. The admission notice will also provide information concerning the necessary documents to be presented for registration.

Candidates, who despite all efforts taken and cannot arrive by the time the lectures start, may be granted a late registration deadline (last enrollment possible October 23th, 23:59pm).

Please check also the website of the Campus Service Center  for news and student information.

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Do you offer a mentoring program ISP students?

We help our new fellows settle down in Magdeburg and get used to the study program at our faculty.

You are interested in this voluntary/ friendship program? Please contact the SIMP-SON Team Coordinator.

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What about semester breaks?

Each academic year has two lecture-free periods, altogether five months.

These are February/ March and mid-July through early October. However, the first 3 weeks of each of these two periods (i.e. February and July) are the regular examination periods during which the students are busy with preparing for and taking exams.

The months of March, August, and September can be reserved for full-time internships, other work activities, and/ or holidays.

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When does the study program begin?

Classes at our University will start in the early October. Please check our Academic Calender for the start of lectures.

During the first week of October, our faculty offers orientation days for first-semester students in order to welcome and guide them. The academic information meeting from the International Study Program Office/ ISP during the first week in October is obligatory for new Bachelor and Master students.

Also, we highly recommend to attend the university's and faculty's orientation events, espcially of the SIMP-SON mentroing program, which is taking place in the end of September annually.

Registration to sport classes and language studies start from September 20th. First come first serve rule.

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I would like to change to your University and enroll in a higher smester. May I apply for recognition of previous gained credit points?

First you have to apply as any other student for the chosen study program and ask for a take over in a higher study term (cross the square to the right on the application form).
However, we cannot give any guarantee beforehand that your courses can be accredited.

With respect to the accreditation of your courses, we would like to recommend that you take a look at the module handbook (available at: for the IBE Bachelor program first, in order to get an overview of the contents of the modules taught in the undergraduate program. This will help you to evaluate whether any of the courses may be eligible for accreditation. You should not only consider the contents of the respective modules, but the quantity, i.e. the amount of credit points as well. As a rule, one credit point is equivalent to 30 hours of studying.

The actual accreditation needs to be applied for via the Academic Records Office, which is also in charge of deciding upon the accreditation once you are admitted to the study program.

We would like to suggest to our international applicants to start the studies at our faculty with the 1 semester. Different cultures and teaching methods can cause your study program success. Another option is to finish the Bachelor study program at your current university and apply for the master program at our faculty.

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