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Information for Applicants


April      30th  application intake for the winter semester
October 30th
application intake for the summer semester


1. Application Form (International/German)


Previous Academic Degree(s)/ Diploma(s) with a GPA min. 2.4, including:
a) official grade transcripts of all previously completed study modules,
b) an information - explaining the grades,
c) certified translations/original documents in: English/ German
d) APS certificate (China)

Note: All copies to be submitted need to be officially verified, i.e. they require an original certification stamp. For more details on German authentification requirements see.

3. CV  (English)
4. GRE or GMAT   (with a very high score)
5. Research Draft, like Master Thesis (English)
6. Academic References (2x)
7. Approved Supervision by a professor of our faculty
8. Self-Addressed Envelope, with international reply coupons

The University of Magdeburg is happy to receive applications from international and German students, providing an academic master degree in a relevant discipline, such as: Economics, Management earned from a recognized university. Acceptance decisions are communicated within eight weeks after receipt of your application.

Please do not send original certificates. In place of original certificates, we ask to send officially certified copies of all necessary, above mentioned documents. Please review our FAQ box  for further information.

Further Details:

A valid, certified GRE/ GMAT  test is absolutely required.
Competition is strong and admission will be offered to students who provide high grades, scores in previous studies and in the GRE.

The GRE - General Test requirement is relevant for applicants to our postgraduate program. GRE test scores are essential to compare the qualifications of applicants and evaluate their academic and analytical-mathematical standing. The test examines the applicant's understanding of elementary mathematical concepts, as well as his/her ability to reason quantitatively and to solve problems in a quantitative setting. These abilities are necessary for graduate studies. Please be informed that your GRE result will be, besides your academic degree, the most important criterion for admission. The GRE cannot be waived.  Please prepare your best for the test. Our successful candidates have evidence of 160pts. or higher in the .

The language of instruction and assessment in our full-time Ph.D. in Economics/Management study program is English exclusively. Tutors must be convinced that you have sufficient fluency in written and spoken English to cope with your courses from the start. Applicants who have good GRE scores in the verbal part furnish sufficient proof of a good understanding of the English language.

Apart from the GRE/ GMAT, another English proficiency certificate is not required.

Foreign applicants are not required to demonstrate any German language proficiency. A basic knowledge of German, however, will substantially assist them in organizing their personal affairs in Magdeburg and will greatly enhance the enjoyment of their stay in Germany.


Please send your Ph.D. application to:
Ms Grit Voigt
Otto-von-Guericke Universität
Fakultät für Wirtschaftswissenschaft /ISP Office
Universitätsplatz 2
39106 Magdeburg

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